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Skin blemishes

Skin blemishes

"I'm a bit fed up of concealing them with make-up every day. Is there a solution?"

They can be due to many factors and appear suddenly on your face or hands. You want to get rid of them, which is normal. They’re not freckles or moles. They’re blemishes. You can get rid of them, but you need to know how to prevent them as well.


Skin blemishes can be of many types and have many different causes.

You can get rid of them from your face and hands without undergoing complicated procedures or surgery, and without pain.

A Chemical Peel is one of the most effective treatments for this problem. It removes an exterior layer of skin from the face. Depending on the level of depth, it can smooth out or eliminate skin blemishes. A superficial or medium peel will solve the problem of blemishes caused by different types of lesions.


The most frequent causes of skin blemishes are hormonal changes or traumas, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, age or skin lesions. Don’t worry, there’s a solution.

Don’t confuse this problem with other types of skin pigmentation irregularities.

Blemishes are superficial damage to the skin tissue which, if treated with procedures such as a skin chemical peel, can be reduced or even eliminated. Sun is one of the main risk factors, so sun protection is one of the best ways to prevent this problem.

Blemishes can also be a side effect of certain types of medication. In all cases, they can be removed and prevented by good habits that keep the skin in a good condition.

Las manchas también pueden ser un efecto secundario de determinado tipo de medicación. En cualquier caso, se quitan con tratamientos medico estéticos y se evitan con hábitos y cuidados que mantienen la piel en buen estado.


Recommended treatments

Firstly, reduce or eliminate blemishes. Next, improve the quality of the skin. We suggest two medical aesthetic treatments that will help mitigate or solve the problem, plus a facial routine to boost the results and leave your skin feeling like new.

Skin peel
Aesthetic Medicine

Chemical Peel

Radiance, reduces blemishes, acne, spots, open pores
Rejuvenated skin, free of blemishes and other imperfections
Advanced Aesthetics

Facial Radiofrequency

Firmer, smoother, moisturised, radiant skin, with a filler and volumiser effect on wrinkles and expression lines
Immediate results from the first session, but the real results will be seen after 28-29 days, when the collagen is at its most active state
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What's the best solution for you?

To find out which of these treatments is most appropriate for you, consult our team of experts. We'll help you find a solution to your problem.

If you're concerned, take care of your skin every day

Simple tips to care for your skin and help prevent the appearance of blemishes and other skin lesions.

  • Always apply protective cream, not just in summer, to your face, body and hands.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun during the hottest times of the day. And it’s a good idea to wear a hat, just like your mother told you.
  • Protect lesions. Avoid the sun. Avoid blemishes.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and take Vitamins A, C and E. This will help to prevent blemishes.
  • Be careful with medicines that cause blemishes as a side effect.
  • Keep an eye on moles and changes in your skin, as they are not all blemishes.