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Localised Fat

Localised Fat

"I want to age well. No pot belly and no double chin, if possible. Am I too late?"

This affects men and women and is a very common concern as, after all, who wants to have a pot belly or a double chin? No one. They develop more with age, of course, and can leave you feeling a bit depressed or upset, as you don’t know why they’ve appeared or how to prevent or get rid of them once and for all.


Localised facial or body fat is a very common problem, but there is a solution.

Some areas are more prone to it, such as women’s hips or men’s flanks and abdomen. A double chin is also an accumulation of fat in the lower part of the face, affecting both sexes, but it can also be caused by sagging skin if you have lost a lot of weight. This localised fat can make you feel very unhappy and insecure about your personal image and make you frustrated, as it will not disappear on its own. There are various ways you can solve this problem without surgery.

To prevent, reduce or eliminate localised fat, you need a combination of a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, stimulation of skin elasticity and tone, plus medical aesthetic procedures in differing degrees and frequency, which act directly on the adipocytes to break up fatty deposits or permanently destroy the structure of these cells.

Para prevenir, reducir o eliminar la grasa localizada y el volumen, se necesita la combinación de un estilo de vida saludable, actividad física, estimulación de la elasticidad y tonicidad de la piel y procesos médico estéticos más o menos profundos o progresivos que inciden directamente sobre los adipocitos para deshacer los cúmulos de grasa o destruir de forma permanente la estructura de esas células.


A pot belly and double chin happens to men and women, and to people of normal weight.

As you get older, you can accumulate fat in these areas of the body and the face due to lipodystrophy. It is not directly related to being overweight, but it will be worse if you are. Fat accumulation is largely due to genetic disposition and the storage of fat cells which, at a given moment, begin to accumulate fat more intensively. There are specific treatments for reducing localised fat in the face or body, which have a gradual or more immediate effect.

Doublecorp, helps to tone and firm the skin on the body. Pressotherapy and Body Mesotherapy will help to eliminate fat, drain and regenerate the tissue and even eliminate cellulite.


Recommended treatments

Eliminate. Drain. Tone. The three fundamental steps in reducing localised fat. We suggest three medical aesthetic treatments that will solve this problem and help you get back your figure or your face definition.

Advanced Aesthetics


Eliminates localised fat, reduces cellulite, improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars, improves circulation, and reactivates collagen
Effects are visible from the first session: reduction in volume and added firmness
Advanced Aesthetics

Facial Radiofrequency

Firmer, smoother, moisturised, radiant skin, with a filler and volumiser effect on wrinkles and expression lines
Immediate results from the first session, but the real results will be seen after 28-29 days, when the collagen is at its most active state
Aesthetic Medicine

Body Mesotherapy

Decreases localised fat, improves appearance of cellulite, increases elasticity and reduces fluid retention
Effects will be visible from the third and fourth session
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What's the best solution for you?

To find out which of these treatments is most appropriate for you, consult our team of experts. We'll help you find a solution to your problem.

If you're concerned, take care of your skin every day

Seven simple beauty routines to keep fat away and prevent a pot belly or double chin.

  • Discover how your body reacts to what you eat, to prevent you creating and accumulating fat.
  • Give up or avoid alcohol and fat.
  • Drink plenty of water, 1.5 to 2 litres a day, which will help to eliminate fat.
  • Help your metabolism: eat 4-5 times a day. Look after your health and burn off fat.
  • Regularly play sport or take part in physical activity.
  • Exercise the area round your neck and chest. Strengthen your muscles to prevent a double chin.