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Aesthetic Medicine

Chemical Peel

Aesthetic Medicine

Chemical Peel

Skin brigtening and anti-imperfections solution

£ 90

Restores radiance, reduces blemishes and marks

Sun spots, blemishes due to pregnancy or age, irregular pigmentation, marks from acne or other skin lesions – all these make your face look older.
Chemical Peel is a non-invasive, medical aesthetic treatment with a depigmentary effect that makes the complexion brighter, more radiant and more even.

It is a gentle, virtually painless procedure that removes the surface layers of the skin where dead cells and lesions can be found, leaving a new layer visible, without marks or blemishes. It can also eliminate small wrinkles.

At Centros Unico we have two different Skin Peels that can be applied depending on the needs of the patient:

  • Superficial Chemical Peel uses 4 different peels depending on the skin type to be treated. It increases cell turnover and balances and enhances the complextion.
  • Medium Chemical Peel deeply exfoliates the skin and is more indicated for photodamaging, acne scarring, acute breakout and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is delivered exclusively by doctors.

Your face will be more radiant and your skin will look younger and brand new.

Data sheet

Aesthetic Medicine
Medical diagnosis is required
Recovery time
In the first few days redness and slight flaking may occur
Session time
30-45 minutes
Slight stinging
Radiance, reduces blemishes, acne, spots, open pores
Rejuvenated skin, free of blemishes and other imperfections

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“I love this treatment! I’m susceptible to breakouts and impurities and the superficial peel left my skin glowing with considerably smaller pores. Undoubtedly the most effective treatment I’ve ever done.”


A Chemical Peel is a non-invasive, medical aesthetic treatment. It is a quick, virtually painless procedure (you will feel a slight stinging sensation) in which acid is applied to the skin.

Initially, the skin will be red. Then, after a few days it will begin to flake (sometimes imperceptibly), creating a new, smoother, moisturised layer of skin without blemishes or marks.


A Chemical Peel rejuvenates the skin, making it more even and brighter. It removes and reduces blemishes, the effects of acne and other surface lesions, small wrinkles and sun spots.

This technique is recommended for repairing skin damage often caused by skin ageing or hormones (pregnancy spots).

Post-treatment advice:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun and drink plenty of water.
  • Apply sun protection (avoid hyperpigmentation).
  • Keep the skin well hydrated.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Check compatibility with other treatments.

Not recommended for:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • People with active skin infections.
  • People with serious diseases (heart, kidney or liver).
  • People undergoing oestrogen and/or progesterone hormonal treatment.
  • People who have had any kind of facial surgery or have allergic reactions to any of the substances used.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Chemical Peel remove layers of skin? Doesn't it make the skin weaker?

Yes, Chemical Peel removes layers of skin (depending on the depth of the peel), and during the first week the skin will be more sensitive. However, the skin regenerates itself approximately every 21 days, which boosts cellular renewal.