What is the difference between IPL & Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal has been proven to be the most effective and painless solution when it comes to permanent hair removal. Check out our comparison chart just below and find out the benefits of the Diode Laser in relation to IPL.






High Low Laser removes hair effectively by killing the blood supply to the hair root

All skin types

Yes (Including tanned skin) No The long pulse width used in diode lasers enables us to treat darker skin types effectively

How often

Every 8 weeks Monthly Our highly effective laser means fewer sessions to pay for


Pain free Painful The chill tip and suction technology of our laser allows for pain free treatments

Number of sessions

From 6 to 8 10 and above Our high powered lasers destroy the hair root cells and so the hair is unable to grow back


Starting from £50 Starting from £40 With Centros Único everybody can get rid of their unwanted body hair!


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