Centros Unico was formed in 2009 in Spain. The company vision was to create a customer experience on the same level as the top clinics, while offering this at a price most people could afford. The company has thrived as a result, regardless of a major recession across Europe during most of that period. Centros Unico's philosophy transformed the aesthetics industry in Spain and we now have over one hundred clinics there.

The business has transferred well to other countries and the UK now has eleven clinics. Key to Centros Unico's success is its wide range of advanced facial aesthetic treatments and body aesthetic treatments which use the most technologically advanced equipment available, at affordable prices.

Almost all of our franchises across the business have multiple stores, which speaks volumes about the experience as a Centros Unico franchise.

We intend to have more than 50 stores in the UK and are actively looking for franchises, or business partners as we prefer to think of them, to grow with us.


What the company does:

The aesthetics industry is growing very quickly year on year, as more and more people wish to maintain and improve their physical appearance.

Centros Único offers high quality and advanced medical aesthetic treatments without the need for deep pockets.

Our speciality is laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal has been available for more than 25 years, the cost of it was prohibitive for most people, until the arrival of Centros Unico. Studies show that shaving costs an average of £5000 over a lifetime and waxing every six weeks will rack up a costly £15,000 on the legs alone! With Centros Unico, clients can be rid of their hair for good at a fraction of that cost.

The laser we use, the 'Lightsheer Duet' is the very best equipment and we offer practically painless, permanent hair removal.

Other advanced aesthetic treatments we offer are Body shaping and different types of facial, all using the latest equipment.

Our team offers the latest in medical aesthetics, with medical professionals monitoring all treatments, including laser hair removal.

Our franchises tend not to be customer facing and concentrate on managing a team of professionals. This gives the possibility of opening multiple stores; the focus for the franchise is on managing rather than doing.


Franchise package:

A Centros Unico franchise package includes the following set-up arrangements:

  • The right to use the Lumenis lasers under an exclusive rental agreement. This is unique to Centros Unico and has many benefits, including saving on the need to finance £60,000 per laser.
  • Market research on suitable shop locations in the franchises chosen area
  • Search for, and negotiation of, the contract for a prestige shop location. We generally negotiate a rent-free period on the lease of between 9 and 15 months; saving the franchise an average of £35,000 in first year costs
  • Search and recruitment for all the qualified staff required for the opening of the store
  • Full training for all staff and franchises
  • A pack of products and consumables
  • Negotiation with the local council on licensing issues for an aesthetic centre
  • The fees for the interior design of the store, to include the layout of the store, lighting, heating and electrical requirements and furniture design
  • An experienced Centros Unico manager to help run the store in conjunction with the store manager for up to a month after the store opens.
  • Centros Unico ongoing franchise support

The monthly franchise fee incorporates a constant and very high level of ongoing support to franchises, including:

  • Marketing support
  • Ongoing sales and technical training for all staff
  • Help in searching for and recruiting of new staff members
  • Training for all additional staff required by the franchise
  • 7 days-a-week helpline


Franchise profile:

Centros Unico franchises have a very wide range of prior experiences and careers, what they have in common is they all:

  • Manage teams well
  • Have a desire motivate people to perform to their best capability
  • Operate the clinics using a proven model
  • Have opened multiple clinics


So, how do I become a franchise?

We look forward to hearing from you, and should we do so, the process is as follows:

  • Upon receipt of a request for information, we will call you to do a mutual fact-find
  • Email an initial information pack
  • An initial meeting
  • A second meeting to run through the business in more detail
  • A search for appropriate shop locations
  • Negotiate the Heads of Terms for the lease of the store
  • Sign the franchise contract based on the specific shop location


Contact information

Telephone: 0203 585 5412
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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