Between the ages of 30 and 40, the first signs of skin aging become visible and rest assured, we are here to help you combat those signs.

Type II photo-ageing causes the skin to begin to lose its elasticity, the lips become less full and expression wrinkles are more noticeable.


Recommended treatments to prevent fine lines and spots becoming more obvious are:

Superficial peels – reduces sun-spots, acne scars and skin imperfections.

Dermal fillers – improve your look with high grade hyaluronic acid fillers or other types of reabsorbable fillers such as RADIESSE to reduce those wrinkles and furrows.

Botulinum Toxin: get a more relaxed , fresh and youthful expression and prevent new wrinkles from appearing

Facial mesotherapy with vitamins and hyaluronic acid: Brightens and hydrates your skin, giving it a smoother and younger look. It also stimulates the creation of collagen, improving sagging skin.

Our Centres have the right treatments for each skin type and age. If you need more information, come in and see us or contact us here.

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