From the age of 40 the skin undergoes photoaging type III. Pigmentary changes already exist in our skin and spider veins start to appear.


At this age, our skin has lost some of its elasticity and hydration.

Our experts can advise on aging and keeping our skin healthy, hydrated and as free from the effects of time as science will allow:

Superficial peels - A non-invasive technique used to treat various skin disorders, the damage caused by sun exposure, acne, fine lines and uneven pigmentation.

Facial makeovers with Botulinum Toxin - The application of botulinum toxin, relaxes facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming, sport a more youthful appearance now!


Our Centres have the right treatments for each skin type and age. If you need more information, come in and see us or contact us here.

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