It’s a tale as old as time: unwanted hair has a magical regenerating power…until now!

Getting rid of unwanted hair dates back to the ancient Egypt with early beeswax and sugar based waxes – painful in the past as they are today. It then goes on through the Roman Empire where the lack of hair was considered a sign of the classes. Just look at the history of art where only the smooth hairless bodies where the one to be portrayed.

Razors and hair removal creams will appear only at a later date with mixed results; and while we still wait for creams that won’t smell and are to decide whether razors make your unwanted hair grow thicker and harder to remove at each time, a common thread can be found.

Removing this unaesthetic fluff with the above mentioned tools is an ongoing weekly, if not daily, process that takes time. Time that can be used differently.

Laser hair removal is the answer for you if, like million other people, want to say bye-bye to the unwanted hair.

With only 1 session required every 3 months, you will get not only your time back but also save money on a longer run.

We are taking pride in practicing what we preach since our staff have had the unwanted hair removed with the same medical laser used on our clients.

The proof is in the touch! Find your nearest clinic and see what Centros Unico can do to make you look at your best - today, tomorrow, toujours.

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