Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are considered to be traditional ways of hair removal. However, these methods are out-of-date and have a lot of disadvantages. They are very painful, time-consuming and less effective.

Laser hair removal is an innovative solution that provides fast, effective and long lasting results. Moreover, it has a lot of other important benefits over traditional techniques. Here, we will tell you about the most important advantages of laser hair removal.



Laser hair removal provides precise results

When the laser hair removal procedure is carried out, specific areas of the patients’ skin are targeted. A beam of light reaches the hair follicle and the laser’s energy is then converted into heat which heats up the hair follicle. As a result, it is destroyed and hair stops growing. The skin surrounding the area remains undamaged. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair. This technique has been used in the beauty industry for many years. This treatment can provide permanent results.

Laser Hair removal, a quick procedure

The speed of hair removal significantly depends on the area that is being treated. Using the laser hair removal method, large surface areas of the body can be targeted, thus removing several hairs easily at one time. Depending on the areas of the body which are being treated it may take between 15 minutes to half an hour. This method of hair removal will usually require multiple sessions to achieve permanent results.

Is Laser hair removal painful?

As with any method of hair removal, using a laser for this can be uncomfortable. It does depend on the patients’ pain threshold and the area of the body being treated. Some have referred to it as ‘less painful as waxing’.

Are you interested in laser hair removal? Get a consultation with an expert and remove unwanted hair on your body in an easy, fast and effective way!

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