PULSONIC FACIAL - Treatment designed especially for contouring of the eye and rictus areas.


Facial Pulsonic is a completely new, ground-breaking facial treatment, exclusive to Centros Único, which combats deep expression lines and wrinkles in a more precise and controlled way, thereby achieving better results than other conventional methods and treatments.

Why is Pulsonic Facial ground-breaking?

Because, thanks to the new “pen-style” tool, each wrinkle can be easily and accurately pinpointed and treated with precision.

Ilustración antes, durante y después de un procedimiento con Facial Pulsonic


Through applying the pulsed radio frequency at high temperatures directly to the lines of each wrinkle, a more in-depth regeneration of the dermis occurs, thus boosting results.

How does the Pulsonic Facial treatment work?

In the first stage the facial temperature is increased to 38°-40° to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production.

During the second stage of the Facial Pulsonic treatment, the wrinkle to be treated will be targeted directly, generating a greater concentration of heat within the groove and producing a small “filling” effect that causes the skin to regenerate and subsequently reduces the depth of the wrinkle.

What are the benefits of Pulsonic Facial?

  • Notably reduces wrinkles around the eye and rictus area.
  • Improves appearance of expression lines.
  • Redefines facial contours.
  • More luminous skin.

How long does the treatment last?

It will depend on the condition of the skin and the areas to be treated; between 30-40 minutes approximately.

What do you feel during the Pulsonic Facial treatment?

A pleasant, gradual heating sensation on the skin and a more intense heat on specific areas.

When can you notice the results?

From the very first session—and these results will be maintained as skin regenerates.

Is there a recovery period?

The procedure allows the patient to go back to their day-to-day life immediately.


It is the new piece of advanced aesthetic equipment developed by the Centros Único R&D department. This piece of equipment combines innovation and cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results on both the face and body thanks to its new DoubleCorp and Pulsonic Facial treatments—a new way of understanding beauty.


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