Cavitation - Body Volume Reduction


A product of cutting-edge aesthetic technology, Cavitation is an extraordinary treatment against cellulite and localised fat. Cavitation uses ultrasound equipment to target and destroy fat cells in the areas of your choice. As it is completely non-surgical and quite pleasant, it constitutes the ideal method to finally get rid of stubborn localised fat and reduce the volume of problematic areas all over the body.

In addition to its immediate fat-blasting, smoothing results, Cavitation promotes overall circulatory and lymphatic health and improves skin hydration.

Our NeoAdvanced system combines Cavitation with Pressotherapy to take these great results even further, helping the body get rid of its excess fat quicker than ever before.

Body Fat Reduction

Attempting to remove unsightly cellulite and reducing volume, particularly in localised areas, can seem like a non-stop battle. Cavitation is known for its effectiveness and successfully treats these problems in a simple way, without having to go under the knife.

What is Cavitation and what can it do for me?

It combats cellulite, localised fat and reduces body volume. Ultrasonic Cavitation is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment. It is durable, painless and without post session downtime.

How does it do that?

Cavitation is a treatment that uses low frequency ultrasound to form micro bubbles that rupture the membrane of the fat cell without damaging adjacent structures. The ultrasonic treatment maintains the integrity of the blood and lymphatic system and transforms the solid fat into a liquid state, to be eliminated through the lymphatic system through the urinary tract.

This ultrasonic treatment is relaxing and the patient feels localised warmth and gentle massage from the treatment head. We now use the NeoAdvanced system and the Cavitation is combined with pressotherapy, offering even better results, including an improvement in the skin texture.


Prior to the treatment, drink at least a couple of glasses of water, as it acts as a conductor of the ultrasound. Avoid eating fatty foods.

Results of Cavitation

In the first session a loss of between 2 and 3 inches in girth is common. The results start to become significantly visible from the third session. The higher the fat mass of the person, the more volume is lost. People between the age of 25 and 55 respond best to this non-invasive treatment. Our NeoAdvanced system combining pressotherapy with the cavitation enhances the results. Pressotherapy after the ultrasonic treatment is often recommended to help with lymphatic drainage.


The effects are long lasting, provided that the patient does not make dietary changes. Exercise and a healthy diet help to maintain results.


  • Phlebitis
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Diabetes with microangiopathy
  • Hepatic and renal failure
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Skin lesions or diseases
  • Severe inflammatory processes (tuberculosis , HIV)
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Pacemakers and joint replacements


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