DermaTat – The ultimate Laser Tattoo Removal treatment

At Centros Unico, we offer the best laser tattoo removal treatment by blending the gold-standard Fotona QX Max laser and the micro-needling Dermapen. This forms the most effective, safe and fast solution for removing tattoos: the DermaTat treatment.

Unlike any other current laser tattoo removal techniques, our special DermaTat treatment works perfectly on all tattoo colours and eliminates most of the risks during laser tattoo removal, helping the skin to a speedier recovery. 

The DermaTat Difference -

Normal laser tattoo removal often causes unwanted side effects such as blistering, bleeding or infections. Our DermaTat treatment helps to remove all of those effects.

Our DermaTat treatment includes 2 processes: skin treatment and laser treatment.

We use the Dermapen™ for the skin treatment process. Its micro-needles create multiple micro-holes on the inked area which let the laser penetrate easier and help the skin to release any liquids produced post-laser treatment. This means no blistering and enables us to complete three treatments at the same sitting. With traditional laser tattoo removal, blistering often occurs after the treatment due to the heat on the skin caused by the laser.

The Fotona QX Max system is the laser treatment we use for tattoo removal. This contains the Nd:YAG laser, an industry-leading technology that has four different wavelengths to target variously coloured ink pigments. The laser pulses reach deep into the skin, without injuring surrounding tissue, and are then absorbed by the pigments in the ink. The skin converts the laser light into photoacoustic waves that instinctively break up the ink into smaller particles. The body can then naturally carry away the smaller ink particles and the tattoo will fade gradually as a result.

How many laser treatments will I need?

The laser treatment is repeated until the tattoo totally disappears. The number of laser treatments depends on the size, location, depth and colour of the tattoo. 

As a general rule with traditional methods, you would need around 8 laser treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart. As our DermaTat removal treatment allows for 3 treatments at the same sitting, you may find your tattoo gone in as little as 4 sittings. 

The laser tattoo removal treatments can be spaced as little as 4 weeks apart, so you can find yourself clear of your tattoo much quicker.

All Colour Tattoo Inks

Unlike other lasers which only work on certain tattoo colours, your tattoo will be treated by a 1064 nm wavelength Nd:YAG laser. This has been certified as the most effective laser for all types of multi-coloured and complex tattoos. The YAG laser also has three other wavelengths to be able to target colours otherwise difficult to remove. See table below.


Tattoo colour treated

1064 nm Nd: YAG

Dark Pigments

532 nm KTP

Lighter pigments, vascular lesions

RED, TAN, PURPLE and ORANGE tattoo inks

585 nm DYE

SKY BLUE tattoo inks

650 nm DYE

GREEN tattoo inks


Fotona QX Max: A laser-standard for safety -

The Fotona QX Max system is one of the most powerful lasers treatments for tattoo removal available today. This also makes it one of the safest, and here's why:

With the extra power that the QX Max has, it enables spot size (the laser 'shot' size) to be larger - this means better clearance of the tattoo at the same power per mm2. As the laser light penetrates the skin its effectiveness at the edges reduces, creating a cone-like shape where the laser does its work. 

In comparison to other laser treatments, smaller spot sizes cannot penetrate far enough. So the extra power of the Fotona QX Max laser system means that the clearance of the tattoo is much more effective, safer and less painful.

All of this reduces the risks of unwanted tissue splatter, bleeding or textural changes and, when combined with the Dermapen, gives unrivalled treatments.

What does the Dermapen do for the laser treatment?

Your skin has an amazing capacity to heal itself. The Dermapen encourages these healing processes, allowing your skin to revitalise itself. During the treatment, the Dermapen glides over the skin and creates tiny punctures via micro-needles. Many of the micro-needles simply push open the pores temporarily. This safely activates new collagen production, meaning that your laser tattoo treatment recovers much faster than traditional laser tattoo removals. It also means that your skin is in better condition to receive another tattoo, should that be desired.

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