Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels superficial and medium

Chemical Peels

We all know how important is to keep our skin clean. Still, there is only so much we can do at home without help from professionals.

Quick and easy, chemical peels are trusted by aestheticians nationwide and abroad. They are applied to deeply cleanse the skin and make it more vibrant than ever before.

Over time, everyone’s skin develops imperfections, including blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles and accumulated dead cells. Chemical peels remove these surface impurities to reveal the healthy skin below.

Moreover, this powerful treatment can reduce shallow wrinkles and significantly improve the appearance of the sensitive under-eye area.

Treat your face to a rejuvenating chemical peel to promote both the health and the beauty of your skin.

A Skin Lightening, Anti-Acne and Luminescence Treatment -

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels, normally an acid, are applied to prepared skin to eliminate surface layers of dead skin cells. We can treat the after-effects of acne, sun spots, and shallow wrinkles; we will also improve baggy eyes and give your face more sheen and luminescence.

What's involved?

The duration of a treatment will vary depending on the type of skin peel but it's usually somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes. During the peel you may feel a slight itching sensation that's usually easily tolerated.

Recommendations pre-treatment.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or any UV ray treatments two weeks prior to the treatment.


The skin will peel for a few days after the chemical peel treatment (often imperceptibly), giving way to a new layer of softer skin, albeit sometimes with a redness that will disappear progressively. Smoother, more hydrated skin is the result. Skin marks and blemishes are reduced or disappear and the skin is more luminescent.

Full List of Advantages - why have a chemical peel treatment?

  • Treat wrinkles caused by ageing or sun damage
  • Lessen the fine lines around the mouth and eye areas
  • Treat various types of acne
  • Reduce freckles or age spots
  • Lighten the skin
  • Soften the look and feel of the face


After the treatment follow the recommendations of the doctor, apply sun cream to prevent hyperpigmentation and to keep the skin hydrated.


  • Serious illness, including those affecting the heart, kidneys or liver
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • Hormonal therapy with oestrogen and/or progesterone
  • Recent facial surgery
  • Allergic reactions to any of the substances used


* Not all aesthetic medicine treatments are available in all centres.


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