Prices valid until 31.03.2018. Discounts applicable on packs of 6 sessions or more. See full promotional details in the centre.

Prices valid until 31.03.2018. Discounts applicable on packs of 6 sessions or more. See full promotional details in the centre.

Welcome to Centros Unico

Centros Unico is a leader in high quality advanced and medical aesthetic treatments without the need for deep pockets.

We specialise in laser hair removal and a wide range of other facial and body treatments for men and women. 
Highly qualified doctors carry out all of our medical aesthetic treatments; doctors also supervise all of the laser hair removal we do.

Due to external circumstances the Brunswick and Lakeside clinics have now closed. Please call 020 3034 1170 for more information and to book your next appointment. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we look forward seeing you soon in one of our clinics.


Laser vs IPL

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The minute you step through the door at centros unico, you have very professional welcoming therapists to greet you, If anyone out there is thinking about having laser treatment, then go for it at centros unico, I've had 3 treatments so far& have had some amazing results already, So thrilled with my all round treatment.
Lynne Hastings
Lynne Hastings
Customer in Leeds
Love this place, everyone is so friendly and the beautiful receptionist is the best!!
Dol Nelson
Dol Nelson
Customer in Bromley

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